Real estate is our passion. But it is also our goal to promote developments, to realise visions, and to open doors in order to encourage any individual next step.


We offer our services for all issues relating to your property in six different competency areas. We get closely involved and provide individual advice when you are looking for a business premise or residential property, offer discreet investment options, reliably market your project, act as straightforward brokers for storage facilities of any kind, and help you renovate the substance of your property – all of this with great passion! This is why we are a sought-after partner when it comes to office, retail, living, investment, development, storage, and renovation.

Next Office

Auf der Suche nach einem neuen Büro? Wir vermitteln eine umfangreiche Auswahl an repräsentativen Büroflächen, von kleinen Start-Up-Flächen bis zu großflächigen Gewerbeimmobilien österreichweit. Alle von uns ausgewählten Immobilien bieten für die jeweiligen Anforderungen geeignete Ausstattung und Architektur, immer in für Sie passender Lage und entsprechender Infrastruktur. Projekte, Ideen und Unternehmen benötigen den richtigen Raum zum Aufblühen. Ihr Next Immobilienmakler hilft.

Immobilien entdecken

Next Retail

Your next step is your new retail space? Whether you are looking for a small, individual shop, a temporary pop-up store, or a multi-storey wholesale business, one aspect holds true for all: the space in which your goods and products are presented to your consumers is a decisive factor for the success of your business. Location, area, and atmosphere are all crucial factors for attractiveness and visitor frequency. When we are looking for your retail space, we include these factors according to your requirements and needs.

Next Living

Your next step is your new home? With the help of Next Living, you will find optimal living conditions which will suit your expectations of appealing, modern living. In our range, we only include properties which offer their residents a high level of individual quality of life and the freedom to unfold, ranging from a smart maisonette to a spacious house with a shady garden. Our selection only includes properties with well-developed infrastructure located both in the urban city and in the more tranquil rural areas.

Next Investment

Your next step is your next investment? Real estate is still among the most stable and secure investment options with predictable investment values compared to other options. You can explore exciting investment opportunities from a wide range of interesting properties. You may even come across investment properties that are not yet on the market. Of course, we ensure the necessary discretion when we are looking for the perfect property tailored to your ideas and suitable for your financial possibilities and goals.

Next Development

Your next step is the realisation of your construction project? Next Development is your chance to market your project professionally and effectively. We make sure that your project features prominently on the market and that it targets prospective buyers. Projects that are properly marketed attract attention and speed up the selling process. Make use of our expertise and honest advice for your marketing decisions so that your property will allow a quick return on investment.

Next Storage

Your next step is the expansion of your storage space? Next Storage will help you find available warehouses and manufacturing halls, storage rooms, and garages in an ideal location and in various dimensions for different requirements and goals.